Portia Rae Writes was established when a lifelong passion for creativity evolved into a small business of watercolour, lettering and modern design.

I simply love to create! I can't remember a time when I haven't been creating something; from crafting, to sewing, to cooking, to painting. Creating is something that excites me and drives me. When I started creating pieces for family & friends, I was overwhelmed with positive feedback. I loved hearing stories of encouragement and joy that a few simple words could bring. Thus, inspired me to create a business that strives to spread love, joy and light in the lives of others. 

Every Portia Rae Writes piece is handmade. I approach every project wholeheartedly, ensuring your vision comes to life. I have a big heart for creating custom pieces, bespoke signage and working alongside beautiful couples for wedding stationery. Working closely with my clients is what I love most: I am inspired by hearing the meaning behind the artwork. I believe every piece tells a story, from the words, to the colours, to the texture. 

I look forward to working alongside you.

Portia xx